Contribute to OIJ #3

20 Mar

The Occupied Ithaca Journal is seeking new input from interested parties to produce our third issue themed for May Day and the May 1st General Strike.  We’re hoping to craft an authentic and informative timeline of the Ithaca area’s social and radical history from the time of the silent city Rhiner’s encampment on the city’s west end inlet to the women’s suffrage movement to the Willard Straight takeover, to Paul Glover’s founding of Ithaca Hours and the St. Patrick’s Day 4’s anti-war sentimental actions and everything in between including May Day celebrations of past years and also a vision of what May Day could look like this year in Ithaca.

We need to do some serious funding; enough $ to print copies to be delivered every. single. household. in downtown Ithaca, or as many as possible in anticipation of May Day.  Interested parties for writing, photography, editing, layout, design, funding, etc. Contact:


One Response to “Contribute to OIJ #3”

  1. E Kokkelenberg July 3, 2012 at 12:50 pm #

    I am not a fan of BOA; indeed I think they should be broken up and made to pay for their complicity in the Great Recession of 2008.
    But I think the reaction of those in Ithaca to a guard,(who I suspect is certified to use a gun, and is so trained in the use of a gun, and thus licensed) to be naive.
    The BOA reaction was stupid, but the Occupy movement is simply being diverted; there are many injustices and actions which beg for more civility, but the Occupy movement can not and should not police them all or it will continue to be ineffective. Concentrate on one simple message; the 99% are being taken by the 1%; be at least as effective as the Tea Party with its no more taxes message.

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