Latest Statement from City to Occupy Ithaca

23 Dec

Dear Josh, Joy, Philip, Theo, and Tad:

By my December 20, 2011 email to the above listed recipients, I asked that Occupy Ithaca indicate by 5:00 pm today (Friday) whether the group intended to work with City staff to come to an agreement for the timely relocation of tents from DeWitt Park (to another City-owned or City-controlled site, that is not parkland). At the Board of Public Works meeting on Wednesday, Josh stated that the General Assembly had agreed by consensus to move its tents to the land offered by the Baptist Church.
As of yet, we have not heard from the Occupy group that it intends to pursue an agreement to use other City-owned lands and have not observed any relocation of the tents to private land (other than a email message received from Tad Cook at approximately 4:00 pm, indicating that “individuals in Occupy Ithaca” had permission to “look into” other City-owned sites, but that no decision to relocate had been made – text of message copied below). We also told you that serious negotiation of an alternative City-owned site for your activities would require daily dialogue between City officials and authorized representatives of Occupy Ithaca. The absence of such ongoing negotiation on your part means we must conclude that the Occupy Ithaca group has not maintained the level of engagement (with City representatives) or reached the level of definitive progress we had said was necessary to negotiate a timely relocation to a different City-owned site. Meanwhile, the Occupy encampment in DeWitt Park continues without a permit and in violation of City and State law.
As you likely know, the Board of Public Works will reconvene on Wednesday, December 28th, at 4:45 pm, to make a decision on Occupy Ithaca’s appeal of the Superintendent’s denial of your permit application.
Please be advised that unless the Board of Public Works votes next Wednesday to reverse the Superintendent’s decision denying your permit, the City intends to enforce all laws and rules applicable to the Park and Occupy Ithaca’s activities, thereafter.
If you choose to relocate the tents, you may of course still use the Park for lawful free speech purposes, provided that such actions do not interfere on a continuing basis with use of the Park by others for its traditional recreational purposes. Assemblies of more than 50 persons require an advance permit. The City also requires that you secure an advance permit for any use of a park between 10:00 pm and 5:00 am, or for placement of tables, displays, tents or other such stationary objects in a park or other City-owned public space.
Thank you for your attention to this email,

One Response to “Latest Statement from City to Occupy Ithaca”

  1. dove December 24, 2011 at 8:04 pm #

    soooo, ‘occupy’ must jump through unrealistic hoops, and red tape, with no promise of co-operation on the cities part (not that they would be honored). In order to have “permission” to exercise their rights? nothankyou!

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