Ithaca Occupation Begins

22 Nov

Succesful 1st night of occupation at Shawn Greenwood Park aka Dewitt Park!!! Cold one though with a low of 24, BRRRRR! We could use some sub-zero sleeping bags, wool socks, extra long johns and wool blankets.

We also had some very interesting conversations with the Ithaca Police Department ranging from a very friendly crew of younger officers to a more hardened pair or veterans who were questioning our display of Shawn Greenwood’s image so prominently on the corner of Buffalo and Cayuga. It opened up a whole dialog, as intended, and we were able to talk civilly about some of the social and economic pressures that pushed Shawn into the Life. It broke the figurative ice and hopefully tore down the Us vs. Them mentality on both sides.

6 tents and ten campers as of 7:30 this morning. Come on down today and join us for our ongoing action in the heart of historic Ithaca! Bring warm coffee and tea and suprise those who are still asleep, bring lunch, bring a tent and spend the night tonight, ALL are welcome.


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